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At ICS we are dedicated to the manufacturing of high quality refrigeration equipment—period. It is what we do. We are proud of our products and the people that make it happen for our customers. We invite you to tour our site to see what we can do for you.

  • Efficient customized design & construction
  • Faster delivery and set-up
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International Cold Storage—-a warm company in the cold business!


International Cold Storage was formed in the early 1950’s by a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of walk-in equipment. His vision incorporated ideas in building technologies as well as refrigeration to build unique, one-piece walk-in units for the restaurant industry. Today, ICS leads the cold room industry with it’s diverse line of products and the ability to design, manufacture, deliver and install custom walk-in units, for indoor and outdoor use. ICS supplies a full line of refrigeration systems; including self-contained, remote pre-assembled, and rack integrated units.


ICS has captured the essence of building the most energy efficient walk-in units for outdoor or indoor storage applications. The one-piece walk-in product is designed specifically for outdoor use and has fulfilled a need of the foodservice industry by providing a solution that helps reduce high construction costs normally associated with new or remodel construction projects. The overall footprint of the building is reduced by placing the walk-in unit on the outside of the structure, realizing a net savings in construction time, labor, materials and overall spending. International Cold Storage has numerous foodservice chain partners who for years have utilized the ICS one-piece and sectional designs for their walk-in needs.

ICS also supplies large warehouse sized cold rooms, replacement parts and renovation services for a variety of companies throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.


The ability to custom design each walk-in unit for a specific use is what has attracted so many loyal customers to International Cold Storage. ICS’s customer base includes many of the top 100 restaurant chains in America, and the nation’s leading equipment distributors, institutions, industrial facilities, supermarkets, convenience stores, and food distributors.


ICS strives to be a customer focused, world class manufacturing organization that provides prosperity and stability for our key stakeholders.


It is the mission of ICS to build and maintain quality relationships with our customers, our employees, our stockholders and our vendors. Futhermore, our mission is to:

  • Empower our employees
  • Focus on operational excellence
  • Provide reliable, quality products
  • Be the workplace of choice
  • Lead by example
  • Research and Development

Much of the time and effort at International Cold Storage during the past 50 years has been spent on developing economical solutions for the storing of refrigerated products. ICS is regularly examining roles that new products and refrigeration systems play in the growth of the company. In order to promote the speed and effectiveness of our future new product development efforts, ICS is committed to the promotion of new technologies and designs that most effectively ensure the quality, efficiency and reasonable cost for our customer network.

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