Indoor Walk-ins

ICS Means Instant Cold Space

The cam lock design makes sectional products perfect for any inside cooler or freezer application. Our design team can quickly develop a solution that fits your exact needs and budget whether your configuration is a cooler, freezer, cooler/freezer combination, reach-in, cold room or dry room. With a wide choice of accessories and optional configurations, we can build your walk-in to meet your exact specifications.

ICS Indoor Walk-Ins Include:

  • Urethane insulation with a choice of insulation thicknesses available
  • Delivered knocked down and are easy to assemble, using built-in panel locks
  • Expandable by adding additional panels in the future
  • A variety of painted and unpainted finishes available
  • Meet sanitation, electrical, energy, and building codes throughout the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico
  • Equipped with a variety of refrigeration equipment types, including self-contained, remote, split, with water or air cooled condensers
  • Antimicrobial finishes to eliminate bacterial growth


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Restaurants & Food Service - our walk-in coolers and freezers are designed for all types of restaurant and other food service operations.



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Convenience Stores & Grocery - we're helping the grocery industry display and move more products faster with our efficient product display coolers.


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