New and Exclusive! Sanisteel® Promotes Food Safety

Sanisteel® – ThermalRite introduces this powerful antibacterial protection to help promote food safety. This new film coating eliminates bacteria, fungi and algae and inhibits the growth of germs in walk-in coolers and freezers where lasting protection is especially important.

Sanisteel® – available on walk-in coolers and freezers exclusively from ThermalRite and International Cold Storage – is the latest generation of antibacterial protection in the pre-coated steel sector. Application of this innovative, durable film coating to metal wall surfaces of our walk-ins helps promote safer conditions for the storage of food. Its antibacterial properties are activated in environmental conditions which favor the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and algae. Sanisteel® not only inhibits the growth of germs, it also eliminates those that might be present. Sanisteel® provides long lasting protection even in areas where daily cleaning may be less than optimal.

To withstand demanding foodservice conditions, nine layers make up this remarkable coating. The powerful antibacterial properties of Sanisteel® are embedded in a film beneath a tough, scratch resistant layer, so it will continue to work despite the rigors of daily use and cleaning.

Download a Sanisteel® Brochure

For more information on how to order your walk-in cooler or freezer with Sanisteel® protection, please contact your sales representative or dealer.