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In the food service business, you don’t have a lot of time to waste.  So who has time to work with several contractors to build a cold storage unit?  With ICS, you don’t need to.  An ICS one-piece out door walk-in arrives fully assembled and ready to use all you have to do is have it connected.  That typically just means a phone call to an electrician.  Your cold storage unit can be up and running almost as soon as it arrives.

Space in a restaurant comes at a premium.  The more effectively you can use your kitchen area, the better the return on your investment.  An ICS walk-in outside your restaurant can help because it frees up the kitchen space.  You can customize and have any combination of multi-temperature compartments you need.  Work with our application specialists to create a unit with separate freezer, cooler and dry storage compartments – all configured to give you the optimum capacity for your inventories.

We offer refrigeration labor warranties for up to 60 months.  Optional extended 1, 2 or 5 year service agreements and an optional extended 4 year compressor warranty (warranty details).  We also build into each ICS walk-in a 24-hour, toll-free number that connects you to an ICS customer service specialist.  They have access to drawings and specifications for your walk-in so you can discuss any problem you may have with your unit or the most efficient way to use and maintain it.

ICS Outdoor Walk-ins Include:

  • Sloped weatherproof roof
  • Outdoor refrigeration systems
  • Low ambient refrigeration controls
  • Fully insulated aluminum or stainless clad floors
  • Factory assembly eliminates the need for local installation labor
  • Ready-to-run refrigeration makes start-up immediate eliminating assembly
  • Single point electrical connection, simplifies start-up
  • Quality control in all phases of construction, insures consistent product quality

ICS Outdoor Walk-in Options:

  • Custom sizes
  • A variety of color finishes
  • Numerous energy saving lighting choices
  • Various temperature holding ranges from -30° F to +80° F
  • Floorless compartments
  • Ramps, both interior and exterior
  • Antimicrobial finishes
  • Brick, stone, and other exterior finishes


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