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Registering your products on-line helps us provide you with one of the best warranty programs available in the industry. By utilizing this method of registration, you are assured that the full benefits of the plan are available to you.

Registering with us is quick and easy and should only take a few minutes. You will be asked a few questions, so before continuing please locate the serial number of the product(s). It will be located in the area surrounding one of the personnel door(s). Once you have this and some general information regarding where the equipment is installed you can begin the registration process.

If this equipment was erected on site, you may qualify for repairs free of labor charges from your installing company. Please contact the installing contractor to determine if this applies to your product.

If you encounter any problems with the on-line registration or if you have questions regarding your warranty; please feel free to contact us for assistance. Our business office hours are from 8:00A to 5:00P Central time. We are the sole owner of the information collected from this registration. We do not sell it, but will supply it to third parties acting on our behalf in fulfilling the terms of the warranty agreement.


You do not need to register your products, since the warranty period begins on the date of original shipment from the manufacturer. We realize that many of our products are put into use only after assembly and connection of services provided by others, (such as panel assembly, refrigeration piping, and electrical service connections). Consequently, several weeks or more can elapse between the original shipment date and the date the equipment is commissioned. This registration process extends the warranty period from the date of shipment to the date of commissioning, up to ninety (90) days. In no case shall the period be extended for more than 90 days.

Sometime after completion of the registration process you may be contacted by the manufacturer to validate the date of commissioning. For purposes of validating the registration you may be asked to provide independent documentation to qualify the date.

We can accept any of the following information;

  • a) Certificate of occupancy by the local building authority
  • b) Refrigeration permit application from the local jurisdiction
  • c) Completed Mechanical Equipment Data Sheet certified by installation contractor with date of start-up
  • d) Franchiser letter of opening date.

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