Refrigeration Systems

Peace of mind is easy with ICS Refrigeration!

ICS has developed solutions for all size of operations, because food and beverage refrigeration come in many forms. We have self-contained equipment for walk-ins on your cook line and reach-ins when a point of use unit is needed. For convenience stores and high volume commercial kitchens our split systems are available from ½ to 6 horsepower and up to 40 horsepower for warehousing.

Our energy efficient refrigeration comes complete with EC motors on all blower coils. Our split systems have the Smart Defrost control built in the save energy whenever your operation allows.

ICS offers these choices when you are considering a new walk-in. Ask your Sales Representative to have ICS custom design your next ICS walk-in.

Standard Features:

  • Split remote
  • Top Mounting
  • Side Mounting
  • Precharged systems
  • Field Pipe Systems
  • Vertical Discharge
  • Horizontal Discharge
  • Air Looved Condenser
  • Water Cooled Condenser
  • 110 Degree High Ambient Packages
  • FWSH Ceiling “ceiling package”
  • Aisle Mount Blower Coils
  • Wall Mount Blower Coils
  • Wedge Mount Blower Coils


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Food Service Representatives

Restaurants & Food Service - our walk-in coolers and freezers are designed for all types of restaurant and other food service operations.



Food Retail Representatives

Convenience Stores & Grocery - we're helping the grocery industry display and move more products faster with our efficient product display coolers.


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